2B, or not 2B

Finding time, when you have no time.

Summer holidays and there is no time to draw when I feel the urge. Luckily, I have no idea how to just stop and be still these days so when I do get a spare minute I usually grab it. I decided to just relax and sketch and look for inspiration from other artists and illustrators (there are lots of examples in my Sketchbook). It’s also a great excuse to enjoy all the books I collect – so far I have worked from A Brain is for Eating, Poses for Artists  1 and 2,  and ImagineFX (bibliography below).  I concentrated on gesture but didn’t try to use the media they used – I love working with graphite and it’s a chance to practice!


Working from A Brain is for Eating, by D and A Jacobs, illustrated by Scott Brundage

I am really enjoying the light touch of the harder range of pencils in my pencil box.  I remember being criticised by a well-meaning advisor an age ago – asking me if I thought that was correct? Weren’t they too hard? I took it to heart and listened to this advice. I really shouldn’t have!! The hard pencils are perfect for lighter tones – you can build up tone and you can use them to figure out the initial line drawing without messing up your paper – lightly done pencil work will leave very little evidence of initial errors and, if you want to add watercolour later, hard pencils don’t dissolve into your paint like the B’s will.


Dynamic figure practice – from Poses for Artists (Justin Martin)

I think learning from other artists and other peoples methods is a very useful approach – trying to make what they make really makes you stop and think about the how of a drawing and, personally, it makes me look at other drawings differently, too.  Saying that, it’s important to remember your own voice because what works for other people may not be right for you.

All this book worming is making me want to make something. Anything!

Bibliography and Inspiration

A Brain is for Eating, D and A Jacobs, illustrated by Scott Brundage, Pale Dot Voyage, 2013

Martin, Justin.,  Poses for Artists, Vol. 1 and 2, Standing Poses, Eagel Ink Factory, Justin Martin, 2016.

Anatomy Essentials, Imagine FX/Future Publishing.


Music I listened to

Really bloody annoying Minecraft songs from YouTube.

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