fileas ~ funeral pyrate

Funeral Pyrate and Bartholomew Grims CIRCLE

Funeral Pyrate and Bartholemew Grim ~ Original characters ~ illustrated with pencil


When Fileas was young he was often alone; other children thought him odd. They thought he had odd hair, and odd clothes, and his bike was not fashionable.

Fileas always believed he had interesting hair, and interesting clothes, and he thought his bike was awesome! It had been his grandfather’s bike!

When he met those kids who laughed at him he became worried.  Why did he not fit in? His Grandfather said “Why do you have to?”

He mulled a while over this for a while and found that he agreed.

When he met Nicholas and Janiss he knew they were true friends.  They didn’t really concern themselves with Fileas’ odd clothes – in fact, they didn’t think his stuff was odd at all. They thought his big coat was awesome! In winter they pretended it was a savage monster to slay! In summer it made a wonderful picnic blanket and they fought over the fluffy collar so they could use it as a pillow. They loved his waistcoat and his pocket watch. They adored his grandfather’s bike as all of them could fit on it! They made him feel like he belonged.

He was kind of peculiar but his friends didn’t think about that sort of stuff at all. They only really got annoyed if he won too many times at marbles!

Photo Gallery

A monthly Twitter challenge – Animaloon Collective – the perfect place for Fileas to come out to play!


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Gallery notes

Fileas is an Other Worldly creature who has promised to take me on a journey of creative discovery in airships, sea ships, supermarket aisles, bus stop queues and other extreme adventures.

His best friends are Janice and Nicholas. They are always losing things.


He has a pet called Bartholomew Grim

It is kind of quiet. Until you annoy it.

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