growing paynes

Comparing the old with the new. A way for me to record how my work changes over time.

The Zombies in the Wood.

I love the idea for the first drawing but its too rough. The re-draw is cleaner and and I had the chance to really think about the background trees. I have been working on similar drawings as a result and I even have some ideas for a new project.



I redrew this for a couple for reasons – I couldn’t find the references for the photos I had used which made me feel uncomfortable using it,  and I thought it had been rushed and over worked and it was inconsistent with the style I used for the other characters.  I think the new one looks cleaner and is more in line with the other character portraits (for the zombie book), plus, she came mostly out of my head.


Stella’s Boots.

I redrew the boots as the first drawing just didn’t tell a story; it is dull. The second attempt shows a lot more of Stella’s personality, and her hidden blade.