Vasilisa the Fair

This illustration pretty much demanded some kind of paint – I tried in vain to make a night time scene with coloured pencil. What a stupid idea, that was! It just ended up looking so dull and messy – I think its possibly problem with the polychromos as they are not very blendable but I’m not really sure that if I owned a coveted tin of prismacolour I could have achieved the shiny brightness I had in mind –perhaps on a large scale that’s a big ask for a coloured pencil. But since I don’t have those pencils to test that theory I was forced to turn to the watercolours.

I am glad I did because even though lots of the expected watercolour problems did occur (e.g mud and cauliflowers blooms) I seem to have learned to either welcome them or fix them. Patience is the most important thing but knowing a little about how watercolour behaves on the paper is also very useful. I think what annoys me those most is the tests I make before I commit often looks better than the piece. And I always use the same paper for the test – always! Vasilisa the no fair!

I guess small tests don’t always help predict the larger outcome but one positive is that my tests used to look pretty bad and now most often they look pretty good. It’s perhaps these little things that show progress with watercolours will be made. Even if it is slow. Which is sort of my fault as I should spend more time on it than I do; watercolour paper is expensive!

Bibliography and Inspiration

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Music I listened to

The Raveonettes – Pretty in Black

The Birthday Massacre

New Shanghai


New Shanghai – digitally enhanced

A while ago I was invited to collaborate on an e-book- Engella – with the super author/scientist Paul Ian Cross and I’ve had so much fun with this project! It’s set across multiple universes -a sci-fi geek’s dream come true! It included bonus illustrations, and this one is my favourite. I like working traditionally – it makes me happy, but sometimes sci-fi kind of demands a bit more – I really wanted to have a dusky cityscape with lights and rockets launching; and that meant trying digital.

Learning to draw digitally and using it with my traditional works is a great ambition of mine. This is my first attempt and I am really proud of the outcome. It has given me a huge desire to do more.

I worked on the cityscape in graphite and then used the fill function on Photoshop Elements (PSE) to create the dark city sky, add all the lights and enhance the chem trails.


New Shanghai – original graphite

Bibliography and Inspiration

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Music I listened to

Some space music on you tube –it’s a thing!

The Devil Wears Prada – Space E.P

Mozart – Requiem

Faith and the Muse

The Birthday Massacre